So, yeah, this is my first official blog entry over here on the BEING : : HOME site (If you're reading it on the site, don't be confused - it's piped over w/RSS feed). I've decided to pack up and move the blog over into the Squarespace template, because I like their blogging function way better than WordPress. We just don't get along. Too busy and noisy. Visually unpleasing behind the scenes. I figured out it was part of the reason I wasn't blogging. It was like when you join a Gym that is just a little too far away or doesn't have good parking. You just find reasons not to go work out, right?

I figured out the other reason I wasn't blogging was because it was kind of like a chore for me, just posting shoots. Like side work, when I was a waitress at Denny's in college. Okay, it was a Junior College and I never finished. Okay? This post is about transparency, may as well throw that right in there. I really need the extra stuff I do in my life to feed me, not drain me. So I thought hard about what I would enjoy posting, and it came clearly to me and then I was excited about being here again. 

I have decided to just blog like I Facebook, pretty much. Throwing pieces of me & interesting things I find all over the  place. But here it will be centered around what BEING is all about: A Celebration of Being Human. Primarily in photos. I'll be sharing my Home & Product design, Photographs of Humans and also the experiences I have with them, and whatever fave images from my life (that I happen to love quite a bit, in case you can't tell).

I also want to share stuff I know (or discover) to help you with your own photo experience and I'll share cool ideas for enjoying them in your home & life. And sometimes I come across really amazing photography projects people are doing. I'll throw some of those in too.

Lastly, I've had in mind to do little mini "Biographical Photo Studies" I guess you'd call it, of people in my life or people who interest me. I'm going to call that series BEING : : CELEBRATED, and I already have a few collections of people that you will just love to meet and hear about. Wish I had time to do one right this minute! Can't wait. 

So I spent my entire Saturday night, and into the wee hours of Sunday morning, updating my sites with new work and making these two sites work together. And making my social media outposts all sturdy and working together. It was prompted by the fact that I messed up a bunch of links when I moved things around to make room for the new Home site.

OH. And ALSO because I'm pissed at Facebook. How it's putting a choke hold on small biz pages and just totally messing around with everything. Moving the digital furniture around in the night, like we wouldn't figure out they did it when we smack our knee on the coffee table trying to go to the bathroom when we woke up, still a little sleepy. So I set out to serpentine and pick up my content toys and play somewhere else. That FB kid is being a total asshole.

But like soooo many assholes I've dealt with in my lifetime, I'm ultimately SO grateful for the experience. This was no different! It forced me out of my comfort zone and got me back to my site, giving it the attention it really needed. It took me other new places on the Net where I have already met so many cool new friends. So there. >sticks out tongue in FB direction<

OMG, so last week I started TWEETING, which I swore I would never ever do. Like get a divorce. Or a tattoo. I do find humor in all of this, btw. Yes. Yes I do. Eventually.

Is that transparent enough to start this new chapter of my blog with? No. I didn't think so either. 

So, in that spirit, I will leave you with THIS video. It's pretty much where I'm at and what I wake up each day believing and working my ass off to do something about. There was probably a time when I would not have posted this on my business page, for fear of turning off potential clients or freaking people out. But that was before the divorce. And tattoo. And Tweeting. I'm on the other side and I'm finding it just really wayyyy more efficient to be authentic as hell and just get the sorting out of the way. Rip the social band-aid off, if you will. 

Can somebody get the lights please? (I'd suggest going full screen)

>rolls film<


You still here? Oh GOOD. 

I'll serve up some pretty pictures for you, next time you visit. :) xoxo