Women's March LA
Saturday 01.21.17

I shot with intention on this very powerful day. I shot for joy. I meandered. I talked to people. I witnessed fully. And I shot to share what I saw, how I saw and felt it. I didn't take a ton and shot with great mindfulness and connection. Here are a few of my favorites.

I hope that people can understand that this march was about so much more than Trump. Back up and see the bigger picture. It's about humanity. But I do thank him for pissing off the women enough to really trigger this wave of change. This is not normal and not okay, what's happening on this Earth -- not just our country. I'm serving in whatever ways I can and so encouraged by so many more who are doing the same. It's making a difference. It will keep rolling. You watch.

I own these images but hereby give my permission and license for any non-commercial, pro-humanity use and sharing of this image and all of those in the blog. I will also provide to organizers as full collection. Contact me if you need hi-res files for print. I have permission from my subjects to share as well. They all worked w/me to co-create them and sending out big gratitude -- I met so many incredible souls this day. #teamhumanity  #shareaway #copyanduse#itscool #LAWomensMarch2017 #WomensMarch#riseUP