Oh, goodie! Now that her Mom & Dad have completed their viewing/ordering session, I can show you baby Mackenzie's little movie from her session! We had a blast and, if you can't tell, she's quite a character and they are a super fun & creative family. 

"Baba" is Grandma, and they are lucky to have her as Mackenzie's family caregiver when they work in the biz during show season. Even luckier, the Grandparents are moving in to their house and they are tearing down another house right down the block (captured in the video) and creating a family compound in their groovy neighborhood. It takes a village, for sure, and they are doing it up right!

ABOUT THE VIDEO (people ask me what's the deal w/my videos): I create a video slideshow, custom designed and set to music, to feature images from the session.  I love to see the shots told as a story and you get a real sense of who they are, as well as a special keepsake to enjoy for years to come. The video is included with the full session digital package, as well as a custom gallery app for your smartphone! I call it the "new wallet prints" -- video also is in the gallery, to play on your phone as well. :)